The Psychedelic Journey

Transcendent experiences can be powerfully healing and a source of profound wisdom and self-realization.
Learn how to properly prepare, journey, and integrate a psychedelic experience for optimal spiritual, mental, and physical health benefits.

All services half price for veterans, healthcare workers and indigenous peoples.

Experience awareness beyond the egoic self

Psychedelics are not magic pills that cure all your problems. But approached with respect and mindfulness, they can be a window to gain awareness of transcendent wisdom beyond the ordinary day-to-day egoic self and cultivate fertile ground for profound personal growth and transformation.

Removing Barriers :: Growing Together :: Building Community

I believe in removing paywall barriers between people and medicine for wellness.
My mission is to provide meditation and psychedelic healing services for affordable costs and free to those who simply cannot afford it.

I believe that healthy people form the basis of healthy communities and vice-a-versa.
Separating people and communities has a disempowering effect on individuals and society at large. The effects manifest as anxiety, depression, and various other spiritual and physical diseases. Healthy individuals form the constituent basis of healthy communities and in turn healthy communities help to promote and support healthy individuals.
I believe in building bridges instead of walls, by fostering community growth and promoting truthful education.
Learn more about the psychedelic wellness movement by joining the Psychedelic Society of Rhode Island and getting involved in whatever way you like, from healing, legalization advocacy, to arts and culture! 

psilocybin cubensis

Microdosing Mushrooms

The awareness of the therapeutic health benefits of psychedelic mushrooms in mainstream culture is quickly gaining tractions over the past few years.

The old attitudes of fear and suspicion that surrounded these special fungi have softened drastically as more and more people experience the benefits and are sharing their experiences.

Effective microdosing is designed to NOT alter your day-to-day perception of reality. Put simply: You don't trip.

Instead, microdosing works in the background, so to speak. It works on a sub-perceptually level to soften behavioral and lifestyle patterns allowing us to become more conscious of them and more aware of our agency in being able to let go of bad habits, negative thought patterns, and harmful relationships, so that we can replace them with healthier habits and relationships.

On a biological level, there is ample research showing that microdosing helps to induce greater "neuroplasticity", which allows the brain to be much more able to learn new things, think creatively, and handle emotional stress with greater awareness and resiliency.

The benefits from microdosing can begin to become apparent within the first couple weeks and can last for up to a year after completion!

Reach out below for a consultation on how to integrate microdosing to improve your self-care and wellness!

$75/hour (sliding scale available)

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Preparing for the Journey

You don't leave home without your keys, wallet, and phone do you? You've also likely dressed for the weather and made sure to bring all the things you need for your day, be it for work, travel, or relaxation.

In this same spirit, it is wise to prepare oneself emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually for the transcendent experience of a Psychedelic Journey. 

Psychedelic experiences open us up in ways that can be hard to describe and impossible to predict. You may discover new dimensions of being, awaken memories long buried, open up traumas long forgotten. 

I offer in-depth counseling to address any questions, assuage your concerns, and help you prepare for a safe and healthy experience.

We will go into depth about the two fundamental Pillars of preparation for a healthy Journey: Set (Mindset) and Setting.

We will go into detail about how to prepare an optimal Mindset and how to cultivate a safe Setting for the Journey to take place.

I also offer to educate about the cultural history of psychedelic mushrooms (and other entheogens) and their usage around the world throughout history as Sacred Medicines for Spiritual Healing.

Finally, we will cover the preparation of a post-Journey integration plan to provide safe structure and guidance upon your return.

Ideal preparation begins 1-2 weeks prior to the Journey. 

$75/hour (siding scale available)

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The Journey

A psychedelic experience is ultimately a deeply personal and solitary journey within, as no one else can experience it for you. 

I can, however, serve as a facilitator and guide through the experience to sit with you in sacred space and compassionate presence.

We begin with a 90 minute discussion at least a day prior to the ceremony where we go over your overall state of health, physical, emotional, spiritual, and we dive deep into your mindset, intentions, goals, and expectations. 

On the day of the ceremony, expect for the Journey to last approximately 6-8 hours. Please take note to set aside at least 2-3 days for an optimal experience, including a full day for the Journey and 1-2 days afterwards for rest, reflection, and to begin the integration process.

I will be present for the full day of the Journey and available for counseling sessions as needed during your reflection time as you follow your personalized post-journey integration plan.

$999 (siding scale available)

Reflection and Integration

The end of the journey is never really the end of the Journey. Growth and change are unending processes in life.

Just as every other life experience changes us and stimulates growth in various ways, you will return from the psychedelic experience changed, and often in profoundly deep ways that take time to process and understand.

A Journey to expand one's consciousness is all but guaranteed to awaken you in ways that go beyond your expectations and imagination and for many can be one of the most profound experiences of their lives.

I offer to hold space for you and to guide your introspection process in order to digest, reflect on, and make sense of the lessons learned from your Journey. 

Learn about how to cultivate mindfulness, introspective and meditative practices going forward in your life in order to optimally integrate the lessons gleaned form your Journey. Doing so will not only nourish your personal growth but improve the various relationships in your life as well.

$0 - $75/hour


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